Finding Kelly
88 min | 16mm | Color | 2000 | Family
Directed by Lynn Hamrick
Kidflix Florida International Film Festival: 2000
Finding Kelly
Geneva and Tommy are two bright, intrepid kids who are amateur sleuths who discover that finding items like wallets and pets typically results in a reward. So they set out to track down bigger game, a local high school girl who has disappeared. When evidence of foul play crops up, however, Geneva and Tommy find themselves embroiled in a dangerous crime.
Featuring Brighton Hertford (The Parent Trap), Jameson Baltes, and Christine Lakin (Big Monster on Campus).
Released on DVD as Mystery Kids.
"This whole film reminds you of a Generation Y version of The Thin Man, with Hertford and Baltes starring as a young Nick and Nora Charles." — Chuck's Connection