You've Come A Long
Way Rene
22 min | 16mm | Color | 1982 | Drama
Written, Directed & Produced by Lynn Hamrick
American Film Festival: Honorable Mention: 1983
National Educational Film Festival: Honorable Mention: 1983
You've Come A Long Way Rene
A wry look at Madison Avenue featuring a pre-teen who fantasizes herself to be with the Virginia Slims Lady and on horseback outings with the Marlboro Man.
Though 12 year-old Rene is an ambitious runner, even rising in predawn hours to practice, she is tempted to give it all up for the popularity she believes is associated with smoking cigarettes. Surrounded by smokers in her family and pressured by her best friend to stop being immature, Rene tries to emulate the sophisticated look of the Virginia Slims lady. It is only when she is caught with cigarettes at school and disqualified from the state track meet that she questions the appeal of smoking. Starring Kimberly Boglin as Rene and Maria Jones as Carol.
“Distinguished by a fine script with believable dialogue and by appealing perfomances from the racially mixed cast”. — Booklist American Library Association
Awarded an American Film Institute Independent Filmmaker Grant.